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    By Foundations Preschool

    One of the challenges facing valley parents these days is finding an affordable Las Vegas preschool.

    One of the challenges facing valley parents these days is finding an affordable Las Vegas preschool.

    Let’s be straight forward here. There are some preschools here in town that charge so much for childcare that you get the unsettling sense it would be cheaper to dish out your hard earned money for your child’s college tuition. And unless the company you work for offers you childcare vouchers, preschools, or any childcare service, is simply too expensive.

    Did you know that a national study identified Nevada as one of the most expensive places for childcare costs? According to a report from the advocacy group Child Care Aware of America, Nevada was one of 31 states where childcare expenses actually exceeded the price tag of college tuition fees. The Silver State ranked 11th among those states as on average, for example, the cost of putting an infant in a Nevada daycare accounts for about 13% of a married couple’s median income.

    Luckily for families here in town, we understand the importance of having an affordable Las Vegas preschool program and the challenge that accompanies meeting the budgetary demands of those parents who place their little ones in our care. With nine locations throughout Las Vegas, we can deliver quality childcare at reasonable prices.

    At Foundations Preschool we are ready, willing and able to support parents by fostering a safe and nurturing environment for their children. Additionally, we understand that the developmental needs and interest of each child is unique. We also know and recognize that every child that is put in our care is to be respected, appreciated and treasured for who they are.

    We are proud to be able to offer an affordable Las Vegas preschool program as we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing age appropriate programs that stimulate the cognitive, creative, emotional, physical, sensory and social development of each individual child.

    One of our main goals is to provide a solid foundation for children in order to prepare them for whatever continuing education they may have once their enrollment here has concluded.

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